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The Real Secret to Choosing Colors for Your Wedding Dress

Here is one tip that I think will be most useful to brides - the secrets to choosing the right colors for your wedding dress.

Every bride wants and should look absolutely radiant on their wedding day. Now, I am aware that some brides choose to relinquish control over many aspects of their wedding planning to parents, family or friends. This may be fine when it comes to decisions over wedding venue, wedding dinner, or whether to incorporate some traditional rituals into the wedding ceremony, or whatever. But I stress that retaining control over your wedding dress selection is crucial. Do not let yourself be coerced into picking a dress not of your choice just because your grandmother or mother or future mother-in-law thinks it is suitable.

You can be the Aishwarya Rai of your office, city or state. BUT if you pick a wedding dress that is of an unsuitable color for your skin complexion, then you diminish your natural radiance. And that would be just a shame on any day, but on your wedding day?!

No way - so read on for some great tips on picking the right colors for yourself.

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to radiate all the time? Well, pay attention to what they wear - look to the colors they choose. I know of one colleague who likes to wear greens and reds. Even when she was dressed in other colors, she would often pair it up with shawls, or scarfs that was either green or red. And she always looked great, even on those days when we were so busy and harried with work deadlines. I figured out soon enough that greens and reds were colors that enhanced her natural skin complexion, so she radiated naturally. Talk about an inexpensive and natural way to have rejuvenated skin!

There are fashion consultants who actually make a living advising women on how to pick the right colors for their complexions!

1) Discard the idea that you can look good in ANY color.

You must learn to pick colors that go right with your skin tone, along with your personality and taste instead of blindly picking up any color. The foremost important factor while purchasing your wedding dress is that you should try it once to check if the color enhances your beauty and adds warmth to your complexion. Check the dress in the most natural light which brings out the real color.

Don’t go for the color only because it is in latest trend or suits your friends or family. Instead, look for the color which brightens your skin to make you look more gorgeous and admiring.

Don't be that girl who wore bright orange on her wedding day because it looked good on the model who wore it for a fashion shoot on some Bridal magazine. Orange looks good on some women - those who are dark or olive complexioned. If you are fair, stay away from bright orange. It only serves to wash out your face as the bright orange overwhelms you.

2) Accessories

Before you pick your dress color, make note of the kind of accessories you will be wearing or carrying on your wedding day. Look at the bridal jewelry (necklace, earrings and bangles) - it should be complementary to the style and color of the wedding dress. You do not want one or the other to be too ostentatious (or gaudy).

3) Colors that Flatter Darker Skin Tone

Dark-skinned women should wear the colors that contrast with their dark features. The contrast brightens up your look and catches the eye. I have seen many beautiful dark skinned women wearing colors that are totally unsuitable for them. For instance, wearing brown-on-brown. There is no visible contrast so the entire look detracts the natural beauty. Please, please stay away from browns!

Some colors that flatters darker skin tone: White, Pink, Khaki, Gray, Baby blue, Orange, Peach, Gold, Yellow

You should stay away from tropical colors and really dark shades. While black and navy blue are hard to avoid altogether because they basically make up the corporate uniform, try to keep them to a minimum and wear only when necessary.

Some colors that are NOT flattering on you: Dark brown, Black, Magenta, Turquoise, Spring Green

4) Colors that Flatter Medium Skin Tone

Medium-toned women can have dark brown or black hair and brown eyes. They can also be olive skinned. They are naturally tanned or bronzed. If you’re lucky enough to fall into this category, it means that you can wear just about any color and still look great. Since light and dark colors both contrast nicely with your skin tone, you can go either way.

Some colors that flatter your skin tone: Black, Hot Pink, Burgundy, Beige, Royal blue, Navy, Turquoise

The only colors that you should really avoid are those that might blend in too closely with your skin tone. For example, if you have an olive complexion, avoid wearing olive-colored or brown clothing.

Some colors that are NOT flattering on you: Olive, Pistachio, Mauve, Red, Dark brown

5) Colors that Flatter Fair Skin Tone

Fair skinned women should go with more subdued colors or pastels. These will blend well with the skin tone, and create a look that’s both appealing and relaxing to the eye.

Some colors that flatter your skin tone
: Off-white, Brown, Light blue, Beige, Bold blue

The key is to steer clear of harsh or bright colors since these will contrast with your skin in an unflattering way. Basically, your clothes will stand out while you fade into the background. That said, stay away from vibrant colors at all costs.

Some colors that are NOT flattering on you: Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow


If you have dark skin, you generally look great in strong colors: eg. Warm orange, aubergine. The darker your skin, the more you can get away with wearing those bright reds and yellows and oranges. People with fair skin look great in soft pastels: pale pink, pale blue, ivory, lavender. They don’t always look good in black. So do not be afraid of pastels. If you’re stuck in the middle, with medium-tone skin, don’t be troubled. You can wear any color under the sun, including awesome earth tones like khaki, taupe, green.
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