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Picking a Bridal Dress Style That Flatters Your Figure Type

You may feel nervous when it comes to shopping for the perfect bridal gown for your wedding day. There are many bridal styles to pick from today - but the style you like, what your mother may like, or what your girlfriends may like, may NOT be the ideal bridal gown for you!

Relying on your personal preference, or the advice of others, or the latest bridal fashion style you saw in the magazine is not something you should do when it comes to picking your bridal dress - yes, this goes contrary to what you may have heard from others!

Some women are "slaves" to fashion. And they run to get the first available outfit, just because it is a new and hot style. Well, new does not always mean good.

The model wearing that new and hot style may look great - but that does not mean you would look equally as great in what the model is wearing - unless perhaps you share a similar figure type! Let me give you an example - one of the hot casual dress trends over the summer was pairing capri tights with longer length t-shirts or tunics, sometimes paired with a belt. This trend will probably re-appear this summer too. But this style flatters those with curvy figures the most. If your body shape is square (i.e. a straight and not curvy figure type), then the trend of wearing tights only emphasizes the straight shape - you draw attention to an area that you may wish not to emphasize.

So similarly instead of rushing to pick the latest bridal fashion, you should concentrate on picking a style that suits your own body shape! Luckily, bridal fashion designers have figured this out - so whatever your body shape, you are likely to find a bridal style that fits and flatters your body shape. You just need to know what style to look for that would suit you the best!

Here are some great tips to help get you started.

In general, there are 4 main body shapes among women: Hourglass, Pear, Petite and Square.

Hourglass: If you have an hour glass shape, your top and bottom is fuller (in similar proportions) compared with your middle (your waistline). If you were born with an hourglass figure shape, congratulations, it means it will be easier for you to get a fitting bridal gown. And what's more vital, it means you own more options to look drop dead gorgeous in wearing a bridal gown. Pick a bridal dress that emphasizes your small waist. A fitted bodice with a full skirt, or a simple strapless bridal dress or an off-the-shoulder one would be wonderful choices.

Pear: Pear shaped women have smaller tops, great arms, neck and fuller hips. To balance out your top with your bottom, you should select a bridal gown with a boat-neck, tiny princess puffed sleeves or long sleeves. The key is to pick a dress that adds some bulk to your top. I would also recommend a full skirted bridal dress, or a sleek sheath bridal dress rather than a mermaid styled bridal dress for pear-shaped women.

Petite: Petite women are shorter and smaller in size. Such women may feel upset in front of the amazing wedding dress with a long length skirt. As a matter of fact this defect can be easily solved with a pair of elegant high heels. But it is vital to make sure the high heels are comfortable as you may need to wear them all day during your wedding ceremony. Don't choose the straight cut gown that tends to create adverse effect on your height. And a strapless or a strapped bridal dress will make you look fabulous.

Square: If you happen to own a square body type, you should try to create an allusion that you do have curves. Bigger sleeves or fuller skirts will help in this regard and it is also great to have beads embroidered on the upper part of your body. Do not select the tight-fitting dress as it will expose your non-curved figure.

Here are some other bridal dress tips based on problem areas:

Bottom heavy: The best way to cover your big hip and draw the attention away from this part is trying a full skirt wedding dress. This can disguise a thicker middle while highlighting the waist. Strapless wedding dresses will take attention off the middle and draw the eye upward.

Apple-shaped: People with this shape should wear low-cut necklines to thin out a fuller figure. Avoid clingy fabrics and high necklines.

Large chest: Look for a v or square neckline to balance out your figure. Also, choose the wedding dress with plain tops, as embellishments in the chest will only add weight. Three-quarter length sleeves also balance out a heavier top. Avoid high necklines, thin straps and bulky fabric.

Small chest: Wear tops that have volume, such as ruffles or embellishments on the bust to enhance your chest. Wedding dress with a cinched waist will help to flatter the upper body. Wedding dress with a tight bodice should be deleted from your mind, this will only tell others how small your chest is!
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